Being an expat and watching your parents age

In our 20s, we are very much focused on establishing ourselves in the world, getting our first tastes of heartbreak, new love, and everything in between. We tend to turn our focus to our social circle where our friends become the epicentre of our lives.  The binge drinking, the drugs, the copius amounts of smashed avo on toast after a Saturday bender, our 20s is the decade where we basically give zero shits about anyone else and delve into the depths of indulgence.

I'm not sure what it is, maybe it's maturity or just the benefit of added wisdom, but once we hit our 30s, something changes. Many of us are now expats, working and living far away from home and we've grown a deeper appreciation and affection for our family. I currently am an expat and forever find myself feeling nostalgic around my childhood leading up to Mother's Day, Father's Day and Christmas. Every time I do get home, I notice small changes in my parents. A little more grey, a little more slower, and slowly, over time, becoming more apparent they aren't going to live forever and I'm not around to spend as much time with them as they deserve. The guilt sets in. Am I being selfish? Do I call them enough? Do I make enough effort? Was it really worth it in the end if they were suddenly not here tomorrow? Shit. 

This Father's Day, is a happy and sad day at the same time for us expats. Flashes of amazing childhood memories of my baby brother and I fishing and camping with my dad. Memories of road trip singalongs to Bob Marley and my dad in agony, telling us to pull his finger only to be followed by a ripper fart only a dad can do.

Our Barrel Aged Whiskey sets are very close to my heart. It started out as an gift idea for my own dad. I wanted to put together something to show my own whisky lovin' dad how much I appreciate him. And to say I love him without having to even say it. And to have a whisky with him without being there.

I grew up with this TV advertisement. It's from the 90s but it's stuck with me my whole life. It makes me think of my brother and our dad and how they've turned into best friends as he's grown into a man and their unshakable bond as father and son.  Warning: it's a tearjerker.

  Happy Father's Day to all our dads, near or far....





  • I love you bapa . I Miss you.

  • Such a honest and ture text, beautifully said. Although im an expat in my mid 20s, i feel the Exact same. My heart breaks every time i see my parents have got older, and than ive been gone long enough to notice their ageing. Keep on writing xx

  • Beautiful Whitty!! Miss my dad ??

    Mitch church
  • I loved this Whit, absolutely true, and so beautifully put. Mwaaahhh xo

  • !


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