My Story

What started with my lifelong obsession with perfume has now morphed into a full-blown candle habit. Every candle I saw in the store was just so girly, there was just nothing out there that catered to my slightly masculine, unisex taste. I was over it. So I said stuff it, and I started making my own. I then went to France in 2019 to fulfil a dream of attending perfume school. It was a game changer and has only enhanced my nose and love of scent even further. I even made a G&T scent that I'm currently working on turning into a hand wash.

I started in my kitchen in my tiny unit in Thornbury in 2016 selling to friends and family, and then onto local markets.  Finally I bit the bullet and started my online store and it's really grown.  So I'm guessing there's a lot more of you out there like me, who just said enough is enough, no more sweet sh*t. 

My candles are not for everyone. They're often strong, mysterious, boozy and not what you'll find in your average homewares store. In fact, you'll never find my candles in a homewares store, but more likely in a whisky distillery, bottle shop or men's barbers, I'm a little against the grain, and so are my candles. 

I make candles for me. 

And I make candles for men and women that like me, are unfiltered, unapologetic and genuinely crave the real and authentic.

I hope you love them as much as I do. 


Owner, Thornbury Candle Co