4 creative ways to reuse your candle jars

I often get asked by customers if they can return their jars and get them refilled and every time I want to scream "yes!!!". However, what people don't understand is, when you're pouring wax that has been heated to 100 degrees celsius, it can weaken the glass each time it's refilled. The last thing we want is a glass full of hot wax exploding in someone's house and harming someone. And for that reason, product insurance will generally not cover the refills of candles. So there's the bad news. The good news is, there are so many creative ways you can reuse them. Here's a few I use myself.

Firstly, remove the wick. 

Dependent on the candlemaker, wicks are fixed to the bottom in many ways. I personally use a hot glue gun to ensure the wick doesn't lift as it burns down the jar. To get the wick out, you can place the jar in a bowl of boiling water and let it sit for 10min until the the wax melts and the wick becomes loose. Alternatively, you can freeze it. Then just wash out the jar with hot, soapy water and you're ready to go!

 1. Vase for flowers

candle jar vase

Candle jars are perfect for small arrangements to go on the table or in the bathroom. I just picked a few flowers and bits of foliage from the garden and it completely transformed my bathroom. And the amber jar just looks so good!

2. Grow a succulent

I may or may not have picked these in the middle of the night from my neighbours garden. However, the risk was worth it as these jars are the perfect size for growing succulents in and that brown jar just makes it so IG worthy!

3. Use as bathroom storage


The small jars are ideal for storing cotton buds, makeup brushes, or even your toothpaste and toothbrushes in.

4. Condiments holder 

 I store my coffee and sugar in old candle jars and I always get complimented on them when I have visitors. I've seen a few pics on Pinterst of people gluing them together and using them as a spice rack. The options are endless. 

So there's my easy tips for how to reuse your empty candle jars. I would love to hear how else you all have used yours, feel free to comment below.

Happy reusing! 




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